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Pontis 2017 – Contini 1898

Pontis 2017 - Contini 1898
Written by Piero Pardini

Credits: Piero PardiniThe Wolf Post – Tuscany – ITALY

Wine: Pontis
Alcoholic strength: 15% vol.
Varietal composition: local native grapes.
Classification: Isola dei Nuraghi White Sweet from overripe IGT grapes.
Vintage: 2017.
Production area: Tirso river valley, Sinis Peninsula.
Altitude a few meters above sea level.
Training system: sapling systems of adult vines, espalier (guyot and spurred cordon).
Soil type: alluvial, sandy, slightly clayey soil.
Yield per hectare: 30/40 quintals
Vinification: Vernaccia obtained partly from dried grapes, partly from grapes harvested and vinified according to tradition, in white, with soft pressing and fermentation at a controlled temperature.
Aging: the dried part matures in steel, the other matures in oak and chestnut barrels, kept overflowing to allow the development of the characteristic veil of Flor yeasts, which generates the unmistakable hints of Vernaccia di Oristano, a few months then in the bottle.
Serving temperature: 12°-14° C.

Tasting Notes
Upon visual examination the sample is limpid, amber yellow in color with golden reflections, consistent.
On the nose, a scent of ripe yellow-fleshed fruits is released, almost caramelized, notes of honey, hints of toasted hazelnuts, almonds and with a delicate nuance, in the finish, of white chocolate.
The sip is rich, opulent, and pleasant. A perfect balance in the various components, where freshness and flavor come together in unison. Very persistent and with a long finish, it gives its harmony of flavors.
It is recommended in combination with blue cheeses and traditional Sardinian sweets.

4 Lupetti

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Azienda Vinicola Contini s.p.a
Via Genova, 48/50
09072 Cabras (OR)
Phone +39 0783 290806

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