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Castello di Corbara

Written by Piero Pardini


The Castello di Corbara company has distant origins, with a rich and fascinating history, with certain information dating back to Roman times and with the maximum splendor reached in the Middle Ages. Its splendid lands, which have remained intact over time, are now home to a modern farm.
The company, for over thirty years, boasts a viticultural heritage of about 100 hectares. Among the main objectives there is, without a doubt, the enhancement of the indigenous vines that have been present in the area for over a century, so as to offer wines that can be traced back to the territory of origin on the market.
Since the 2002 harvest, the company has equipped itself with a modern cellar for the transformation of the best grapes, thus starting the own vinification of a small part of the company’s production. The cellar has been designed for precision vinification: up to the final assembly, the different clones of the different vines, separated by body of the vineyard, are vinified individually.
A special aging room allows the wine to rest in large French barrels, tonneaux and barriques specially selected in the type of wood and toasting.
The current production of wines includes a line of white wines that focuses on Grechetto, which is presented in purity, as Grechetto IGT, with Malvasia and other varieties in the Orvieto Classico Superiore DOC and with an international grape, Sauvignon in Grechetto Sauvignon Umbria IGT. The red line includes Sangiovese Merlot Umbria IGT which, based on Sangiovese and the presence of Merlot, has a short passage in wood and is fresh and ready to drink, round and enveloping on the palate. The red DOC Lago di Corbara, with a presence of Sangiovese from the older vineyards and Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, spends a whole year in the small French oak barrels showing aromas of ripe fruit with spicy tones. Since the 2003 harvest the company has been producing the DOC Lago di Corbara Cabernet Sauvignon, in purity, which has a variegated aroma with hints of berries, aromas of tobacco and vanilla. Finally, the two reserves complete the range of red wines produced by the winery with De Coronis (DOC Lago di Corbara Merlot) and Calistri (DOC Lago di Corbara Sangiovese). These wines are obtained from the selection of the best grapes from the oldest vineyards of the Castle and dedicated to them, they stay at least sixteen months in French oak barriques, and are produced annually in a limited number of bottles and only if the harvest is excellent.
Thanks to the constant monitoring of the microclimate of the vineyards, spread over the entire company territory of over 1000 hectares, Castello di Corbara has always operated with respect for the environment; this guarantees the production of wines marked by the utmost authenticity

Owner: Fernando Patrizi
Oenological management: Francesca Bernicchi
Agronomic management: Francesca Bernicchi
Viticulture: conventional
Vineyard hectares: 100
Bottles produced: 250,000
Direct sales: yes
Visits to the company: yes
Foundation year: 1997

Labels reviewed
De Coronis 2017
Orvieto 2019

Castello di Corbara
Loc. Corbara 7
05018, Orvieto (TR)
Phone +39 0763 304035

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