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Hacienda Araucano

Written by Piero Pardini


François Lurton’s vineyard is located in Chile and extends over 28 hectares, in a virgin terroir, Lolol Valley.
The wines produced in this soil with a favorable climate and a granitic schist terroir have a unique personality.
The Hacienda Araucano, owned by Lurton, adopts biodynamic viticulture respecting the biodiversity of a unique region of its kind.
A two-hour drive from Santiago, the company is located in an east-west valley that receives cold air from the Pacific Ocean.
The climate is hot and very dry during the day, but the ocean breeze and morning mists of the Pacific (just 40km away) cool the vineyard and mitigate the heat.
The soil is suitable for two varieties in particular Pinot Noir and Syrah but the company also offers Sauvignon Blanc, harvested in advance.

Labels reviewed
Chardonnay Reserva 2020

Hacienda Araucano
Viña Hacienda Araucano Ruta I – 72 – Km. 29
Lolol – Santa Cruz – Chile
Phone: +56 9 6657 1097

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