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Falanghina 2022 – Antica Hirpinia

Falanghina 2022 - Antica Hirpinia
Written by Piero Pardini

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Wine: Falanghina
Variety composition: 100% Falanghina.
Denomination: Irpinia D.O.C..
Alcoholic strength: 13,5% vol.
Vintage: 2022.
Serving temperature: 10°- 12° C.

Tasting Notes
Crystal.clear, straw yellow color with greenish reflections, quite consistent.
Upon olfactory examination, the sample is quite complex in the range of its scents, which in any case are intense and of fine quality. Floral and fruity notes dominate the examination with hints of fresh white flowers, and intense hints of white and yellow pulp fruit, complete the examination with persuasive citrus notes which give further pleasantness to the sample.
The sip is fresh, of medium structure, balanced in its parts with a persistent citrus note as an aftertaste.
Sample that narrates the territory, ideal both as an aperitif on warm summer evenings and to accompany traditional Japanese dishes.


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Antica Hirpinia
Contrada Lenze SP52 km4
Taurasi (Avellino) ITALY
Phone: +39 0827 74730

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