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Il Sigillo 2013 – Cantine del Notaio

Il Sigillo 2013 - Cantine del Notaio
Written by Piero Pardini

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Credits: Cantine del Notaio – Basilicata – Italy

Wine: Il Sigillo
Alcoholic strength: 13% vol.
Vintage: 2013.
Classification: D.O.C. Basilicata.
Grapes: 100% Aglianico del Vulture.
Harvest: manual in boxes in the last ten days of November / first week of December when the fruit is overripe or withering due to the cold. It is a modern interpretation of a style of Aglianico produced in the past in the area and which recalls a sort of Amarone produced with only Aglianico grapes.
Vinification: maceration of about 30 days being able to extract as much as possible having a complete and abundant ripening of the tannins.
Aging: in natural volcanic tuff caves, in French oak barrels or tonneaux, for a period of at least 24 months and another 24 in the bottle.
Serving temperature: 18° C.

Il Sigillo 2013 - Cantine del Notaio - © Ph. Piero Pardini Sommelier

© Ph. Piero Pardini Sommelier

Visual exam
Clarity: Crystal-Clear
Color: garnet red
Consistency: consistent
Observations: intense with orange hues.

Olfactory examination
Intensity: intense
Complexity: complex
Quality: fine
Description: floral, fruity, spicy, toasty and eterea.
Remarks: the sample opens with floral notes reminiscent of a potpourri of slightly withered purple flowers, followed by hints of ripe dark berry fruits tending to jam, including mulberry and plum and cassis that fades into crème de cassis, spices sweets such as allspice and ground cinnamon enrich the bouquet, elegant roasts pamper the palate with notes of caramel and black coffee, followed by light ethereal nuances of cinchona, undergrowth and truffle finishes.

Taste – olfactory examination
Sugars: dry
Alcohols: warm
Polyalcohols: smooth
Acids: moderately fresh
Tannins: tannic
Minerality: mineral
Structure: robust
Balance: balanced
Intensity: intense
Length: very long
Quality: good

Final remarks
State of Evolutions: mature
Harmony: harmonious
Observations: elegant and enveloping bouquet, perfect balance between hard and soft parts with a tannin that massages the palate, long persistence, an excellent wine.

Rating: From 85 to 90 points
4 Lupetti

Pairing: agnolotti with pigeon with black truffle.

Cantine del Notaio società agricola a r. l.
Via Roma, 159
85028 Rionero in Vulture (PZ)
Phone +39 0972 723689

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