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Verbo Aglianico del Vulture 2018 – Cantina di Venosa

Verbo Aglianico del Vulture 2018 - Cantina di Venosa - © Ph. Piero Pardini - The Wolf Post
Written by Piero Pardini

Credits: © Cantina di Venosa

Venosa is one of the most beautiful, ancient and interesting tourist resorts in Italy, rich in history and art, the birthplace of the poet Orazio Flacco and Prince Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa.
Venosa is the home of one of the most renowned wineries in southern Italy: Cantina di Venosa.
The winery boasts a rich tradition, which has led it to grow over the years. Founded in 1957 with a few partners, today it has about 350 (most of Venosa and the neighboring municipalities) that care for 800 hectares of vineyards.
The facilities available to the winery are technologically advanced, but the technique, love and care with which Aglianico is produced are the same as always: careful management of the members in the harvesting operations, selection of the best grapes, attention in the maceration and fermentation phases, meticulousness in the aging phase, in which Aglianico is transferred into French and Slavonian oak barrels, to obtain the superior quality for which it excels.

Ownership: Cooperative of producers
Oenological management: Donato Gentile
Agronomic management: Rocco Manieri
Viticulture: integrated pest management
Vineyard hectares: 800
Bottles produced: 1,000,000
Direct sales: yes
Visits to the company: yes
Foundation year: 1957

Wine: Verbo Aglianico del Vulture
Alcoholic strength: 14% vol.
Vintage: 2018.
Denomination: D.O.P ..
Grapes: 100% Aglianico del Vulture.
Production area: Venosa.
Age of the vines: 10/20 years.
Production per hectare: 7/9 t.
Altitude of the vineyards: 400/550 meters above sea level
Harvest period: from 10 to 30 October.
Vinification: in small fermenters and skin maceration at a controlled temperature from 23° to 26° C, completion of the alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in stainless steel tanks.
Aging: in oak barrels for about 12 months.
Serving temperature: 16° – 18° C.

Verbo Aglianico del Vulture 2018 - Cantina di Venosa

© Ph. Cantina di Venosa

The sample is clear, of a very intense ruby red color with light garnet textures.
Intense floral opening that gives aromas of red rose and carcadè. The fruity component is dominant with a scent of notes of dark, ripe berry fruits, including blueberry tending to cremè de cassis, cherry durone and red plum. Hints that integrate with aromas of sweet spices of licorice stick and star anise, closing with toasting reminiscent of frayed pipe tobacco with a nuance of cocoa powder.
The taste analysis confirms the bouquet of aromas found with the sense of smell. In the mouth the dominant note is however a sensation of ripe fruit, good balance between the parts, as well as its structure, persistent and pleasant in its harmony.

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Cantina di Venosa
Via Appia, 86
85029 Venosa (PZ)
Phone: +39 0972 36702

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