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Nau 2018 - Mora&Memo
Written by Piero Pardini


The Mora & Memo vineyards are located in the south south-east of Sardinia, in an area with a strong wine-growing vocation, an area of green limestone hills at times marly where the Mediterranean scrub and olive trees frame the vineyards.
The exposures are optimized according to the grape variety thanks to the nature of the soils and their calcareous and strongly draining or clayey and fresh stretch.
The cultivated vines are Vermentino, Cannonau, Monica and a small part of Sauvignon Blanc, there is no lack of experiments with Bovale, Nuragus and Nasco, all traditional vines.

Ownership: Elisabetta Pala
Wine management: Ercole Iannone
Agronomic management: n.d.
Viticulture: integrated struggle
Vineyard hectares: 12
Bottles produced: 77,000
Direct sales: no
Visits to the company: no
Foundation year: 2013

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Tino Sur Lie 2017

Mora & Memo
Via Verdi, 9
09040 Serdiana (CA)
Phone +39 331 1972266

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Piero Pardini

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He has also written about sports and technology for some specialized magazines.
Co-author of the authorized biography "Gianni Clerici - The writer, the poet the journalist", Le Lettere, Firenze.

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