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Cantine Lunae

Written by Piero Pardini


Lunae was born between the Apuan Alps and the Ligurian Sea, in the last strip of Eastern Liguria.

The history of these places is linked to Luni, an ancient port built in Roman times, where, already in that period, high quality wine was produced.

In 1966, in this land, Paolo Bosoni, the fourth generation of a peasant family, embarked on his oenological path, continuing the family tradition and giving life to Lunae. His idea was to enhance the peculiarities of the territory, excluding the use of herbicides in the vineyard and using only natural fertilizers.

Today, Lunae cultivates 68 hectares of vineyards, 10 of these conducted organically, and collaborates with 120 local winemakers who give their small productions of grapes, keeping alive the unique qualities of our area.

The vines grown are largely indigenous, such as Vermentino and Albarola among the whites, Massareta and Pollera Nera among the reds. Vermentino has become one of the most representative wines for the winery, demonstrating the great vocation of our territory and the value of the oenological journey made over the years by Paolo Bosoni, an enthusiastic interpreter of Lunigiana viticulture.

Owner: Bosoni family
Oenological management: Paolo Bosoni
Agrononic management: Paolo Bosoni
Viticulture: conventional and organic
Vineyard hectares: 85
Bottles produced: 550.000
Direct sales: yes
Visits to the company: yes
Oil production: yes
Foundation year: 1966

Labels reviewed
Etichetta Nera 2019
Niccolò V 2014
Numero Chiuso 2017
Mea Rosa 2021

Cantine Lunae
Via Bozzi, 63
19034 Luni (SP) – ITALIA
Phone +39 0187 669222

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