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Fiori di Seta – Moncaro

Fiori di Seta - Moncaro
Written by Piero Pardini

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Wine: Fiori di Seta
Variety composition: 100% Passerina.
Alcoholic strength: 11% vol.
Classification: Marche I.G.T. Passerina Frizzante.
Serving temperature: 10° C.

Tasting Notes
Crystal-clear, with a pale straw yellow color, little understood with almost imperceptible textures of greenish color, with a fine and persistent perlage.
On the olfactory examination it is intense, with a fairly complex bouquet of aromas, but of fine quality. Hints of freshly mown white flowers are accompanied by delicate notes of fresh white and yellow fruits.
The sip is pleasant, perfectly balanced and soft in its components. Quite persistent, with a citrus aftertaste and a mineral nuance.
It is recommended in combination as an aperitif accompanied by raw seafood or alternatively fresh cold cuts and unseasoned cheeses.

4 Lupetti

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