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Marselan 2017 – El Jardí dels Sentits

Marselan 2017 - El Jardí dels Sentits
Written by Piero Pardini

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Wine: Marselan
Grapes: 100% Marselan.
Alcoholic strength: 13,5% vol.
Vintage: 2017.
Region: Catalonia.
Average age of vines: 17.
pH: 3.4.5
Total acidity: 3.5 g/l (ATS).
Free SO2: 8.
Total SO2: 21.
Residual sugars (Glucose + Fructose): 0.4 g/l.
Volatile acidity: 0.54.
Serving temperature: 16° – 18° C.
Note: The company describes this wine as “Our best kept secret: a sensory Yin-Yang that explodes on the palate leaving us a divine imprint. The floral spirit and silkiness of Garnacha blend with opulence and exuberance of Cabernet Sauvignon”.
The label is one of the flagships of the Spanish winery since the paper is handmade and dyed in its own yeasts.

Tasting Notes
Limpid, moderately intense ruby red color, good consistency.
The bouquet of its scents is wide, highlighted on the nose. Notes of petunia florals are accompanied by aromas of small red berries, slightly jam, hints of spices and a delicate nuance of undergrowth, completes the examination.
The sip is pleasant, with a good tannic texture that makes it pleasant to the sip and never aggressive. Its softness is enveloping, giving an effluvium of fruity hints of aftertaste. Quite a long finish.
Tried with a dark chocolate cake, a combination perhaps a little daring, but perfectly successful.

5 Lupetti

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Phone: +34 649812751

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