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Barone Pizzini

Written by Piero Pardini


Barone Pizzini is one of the oldest wineries in Franciacorta and was the first winery to produce Franciacorta from certified organic viticulture, i.e. using only natural substances for the cultivation and nourishment of the vines or that man can obtain with simple processes, without resort to chemicals, herbicides, GMOs, fertilizers or synthetic pesticides. Barone Pizzini has chosen the path of biodiversity to keep the plant healthy and make quality wines, therefore using only organic substances to support fertility; sulfur and copper, in controlled quantities, for the containment of parasites. The organic approach is cultural, it involves choices and values and is the starting point of a path made of research and innovation.

Owner: Barone Pizzini
Oenological management: Leonardo Valenti
Agronomic management: Pierluigi Donna
Viticulture: certified organic
Vineyard hectares: 55
Bottles produced: 350,000
Direct sales: yes
Visits to the company: yes
Foundation year: 1870

Labels reviewed
Franciacorta Brut Satèn 2016
Franciacorta Dosaggio Zero Animante L.A. 2020
Franciacorta Naturae 2016

Barone Pizzini
Via San Carlo, 14
25050 Provaglio d’Iseo (BS)
Phone +39 030 9848311

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