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Confini 2017 – Lis Neris

Confini 2017 - Lis Neris
Written by Piero Pardini

Credits: © Piero Pardini – The Wolf Post – Tuscany – Italy

Wine: Confini
Variety composition: Pinot Grigio, Gewürztraminer, Riesling.
Denomination: IGT Venezia Giulia.
Municipality of production: San Lorenzo Isontino, Corona (Gorizia).
Alcoholic strength: 14% vol.
Vintage: 2017.
Soil: calcareous gravelly plateau (45/60 meters above sea level).
Average age of the vines: more than 25 years.
Training system: Guyot 5,200 – 5,600 vines / ha.
Production: 50 hl / ha.
Vineyard: cultivated with organic fertilization and integrated phytosanitary defense (as per EU legislation) with the abolition of chemical weeding.
Harvest period: late, by hand with careful selection of the bunches (September / October 2016).
Vinification: fermentation in 500 lt French oak barrels (22-24 ° C), maturation in the same fermentation containers on the fine deposit for 11 months with frequent bâtonnage. To these, another 25/27 months are added, divided between maturation in stainless steel after assembly and in glass after bottling.
Aging potential: 20 years.
Serving temperature: 11° C.

Tasting Notes
Upon visual examination, in the glass, the sample is crystalline, with an intense straw yellow color and good consistency.
The nose expresses all its excellent quality and aromatic variety. Complex in its bouquet of scents, the scent of mineral notes, the freshness of white wild flowers and the hints of yellow-fleshed fruits are striking. The finish is balsamic, but closes with a citrus note.
The sip is compact, precise, silky. Freshness and flavor come together, inviting you to take a new sip. Persistent, it gives a savory trail and a balsamic aftertaste.
It is recommended in combination with a guinea fowl roll.

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Società Semplice Agricola Lis Neris
Via Gavinana, 5 – 34070 San Lorenzo Isontino (GO)
Phone +39 0481 80105

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