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Viña Pedrosa Reserva 2018 – Hermanos Pérez Pascuas

Viña Pedrosa Reserva 2018 - Hermanos Pérez Pascuas
Written by Piero Pardini

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Wine: Viña Pedrosa Reserva
Variety composition: 100% Tempranillo.
Denomination: D.O. Ribera del Duero.
Alcoholic strength: 14.5% vol.
Vintage: 2018.
Vineyard age: up to 50 years.
Altitude: 840 meters.
Soil: clayey – calcareous.
Harvest: manual.
Aging: minimum 24 months in French and American oak barrels
Refinement in the bottle: at least 12 months.
Production: 52,408 bottles of 75 cl.
Bottling date: January 2021
Serving temperature: 16°-17° C.
2018 vintage: the winter was cold, temperatures of twelve degrees below zero were reached. Low temperatures continued in February and March. The winter ended with heavy rains that continued throughout the spring. Sprouting occurred at the end of April. The rains stopped in late June and temperatures began to feel warmer. There were ideal conditions for good fruiting and fruit set which, already at that time, provided for an abundant harvest. In July, temperatures were a bit lower than usual, which led to the plants continuing their rapid development, thanks in particular to the abundant water reserves. During the ripening process, with very hot temperatures in September and higher than normal in October, there was a rapid evolution of plants with fewer grapes. The size of the berries in this crop was higher than usual. The harvest began on October 8th and ended on the 22nd of the same month and of the harvest 2018 was rated as very good by the Ribera del Duero Regulatory Council.

Tasting Notes
Limpid, very intense ruby ​​red color, good consistency.
Sample with a wide and varied bouquet of scents. Hints of withered red flowers, important notes of dark berry fruits, almost in jam. Hints of dried plum and baked plum. Slight aromas of sweet spices and a finish of noble woods.
The sip is opulent, important, balanced in its parts of great structure and pleasantness.
A sample to drink paired with important meat-based dishes, but also to be kept in your cellar to appreciate its evolution with a few more years of aging. A pleasant discovery.

5 Lupetti

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Bodegas Hermanos Pérez Pascuas
Avda. Ribera del Duero, 30
09314 Pedrosa de Duero (Burgos), SPAIN.
Phone +34 947 530 100

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