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Campana Rouge 2020 – Château Beauregard-Mirouze

Campana Rouge 2020 - Château Beauregard-Mirouze
Written by Piero Pardini

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Wine: Campana Rouge
Varietal: 50% Syrah, 50% Garnacha.
Denomination: Corbières A.O.C..
Alcohol content: 13,5% vol.
Vintage: 2020.
Serving temperature: 16°-18°C.

Tasting Notes
Limpid, intense ruby red colour, consistent.
On the olfactory examination it offers a fairly complex, intense and good quality bouquet of perfumes. It opens with hints of fresh field flowers, followed by an effluvium of aromas of small red berried berries and parsley reminiscent of blackberry, blueberry and currant. The closure reveals notes of undergrowth.
The sip is very fresh, overall a balanced sample between the hard and soft parts of the wine. A hint of fresh fruit remains in the mouth, with perhaps slightly impetuous tannins.
A pleasant sample to accompany traditional French dishes.

4 Lupetti
Points: 88/100

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Château Beauregard-Mirouze
Lieu-dit Beauregard
11200 Bizanet, FRANCE
Phone +33 4 68 45 19 35

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