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Antica Hirpinia

Written by Piero Pardini

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Irpinia, located in the Campania Region (Southern Italy), is a land of ancient and noble vineyards like the history of the territory itself. Centenary vineyards and wines narrated by Cicero, Pliny, Martial, Virgil, which make the place an ideal destination for selected food and wine tourism. Numerous archaeological finds document the quality of the local wines, defined in antiquity as “the wines of the emperors” as evidence of how much the wine culture of the area dates back thousands of centuries. In Irpinia, in the Campania hinterland, the harsh and rainy winters, the mostly clayey soils, influenced by volcanic activity over the centuries, give the vines peculiar characteristics and wines of great elegance.
In the vineyards of the area stand out the Greco (the ancient Aminea Gemina, from which Greco di Tufo is born) and the Fiano (identified with the ancient Apiane grapes, from which Fiano di Avellino derives), both DOCG, the Falanghina which gives the its name to the most widespread DOC Campana. The protagonist of the Campana vineyard is Aglianico, an ancient vine that has given rise to excellent quality wines such as the Taurasi DOCG. In this very varied context, the story of what is now known as the Antica Hirpinia winery and was once the cooperative winery began in 1959. A handkerchief of land where each winemaker, at the time, owns a few hectares each which does not allow for proprietary wine making facilities. For this reason, in those years, the creation of the Enopolio became necessary as it was equipped with modern equipment, where every small winemaker can make wine from his own grapes. Even today Antica Hirpinia uses 79 concrete tanks of the time. In 1992, the cellar, which had already become Antica Hirpinia, bottles the bottle number 00000001 of Taurasi DOCG. Today, Antica Hirpinia is a private winery, led by a group of friends who took over it in 2016. The company’s wines express the territory, its history, its values.

Owner: Bianco Ciriaco, Roberto Benedetto, Romano Alfonso
Oenological management: Chioccia Maurilio
Agronomic management:
Viticulture: Conventional
Vineyard hectares: 31
Bottles produced: 300,000
Direct sales: yes
Visits to the company: yes with reservation
Oil production: no
Foundation year: 1959

Labels reviewed
Aglianico 2019
Coda di Volpe 2022
Desmòs Riserva 2021
Falanghina 2022
Fiano di Avellino 2022
Greco di Tufo 2022
Taurasi 2018
Taurasi Riserva 2014

Antica Hirpinia
Contrada Lenze SP52 km4
Taurasi (Avellino) – ITALY
Phone: +39 0827 74730

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