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Danilo and Gianni Della Camera, owners of Fattoria Saltocchio as well as owners of the Fassati brand, were born in Montepulciano.
Augusto, the father, owned some vineyards from which he produced wine for his family and friends. Until in the 1980s, not having the opportunity to make large quantities of wine on his own, Augusto began to give grapes to the cooperative cellar, without ever abandoning the dream of one day having his own cellar.
In the following years, the Della Camera brothers moved towards a completely different sector, opening a road and motorway green maintenance company. This, however, does not distract them from their passion for vineyards, so much so that, in January 2015, they jumped at the opportunity to buy one of the historic cellars of Montepulciano: the Fassati.

Labels reviewed
Gersemi 2016
Le Gaggiole 2018
Pasiteo 2017
Salarco 2016
Selciaia 2018

Via di Graccianiello, 3/a
53045 Montepulciano (Siena)
Phone +39 0578 708708

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