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Feudo Montoni

Written by Piero Pardini


In 1469 A.D. in the heart of Sicily, within the Principality of Villanova, the Baglio (a typical Sicilian building with a quadrangular courtyard) was built by the noble Aragonese family Abatellis. After six hundred years, in the same cellars, our wines are produced from the same lands. As early as 1595, Andrea Bacci, the agronomist and doctor of Pope Sixtus V, in the pages of “De Naturali Vinorum Historia”, the first Italian oenological treatise, praised the viticultural tradition and the qualities of the wine produced in these lands. At the end of 1800 the history of Feudo Montoni is linked with that of the Sireci family, Fabio’s grandfather, Rosario bought the Feudo recognizing its particular characteristics linked to the terroir and its biodiversity. He found ancient plants of Perricone, Nero d ‘Avola, Catarratto; he fell in love above all with the wines of those grapes that presented elegant and unusual features, and for this purchase the fiefdom, in it was kept secret. Elio, Fabio’s father, in the second half of the sixties selected the best plants on the estate (Selezione Massale) with them he planted the new vineyards and modernized the cellar. Elio transmits his passion and respect for Nature to his son Fabio. Elio teaches Fabio the ethics of work, of sacrifice to achieve a goal. Work that, if done with dedication and love, becomes a “wonderful journey” to live. Fabio, for the past thirty years, has continued the work of his grandfather and father, keeper of the ancient plants and their grapes. Fabio understands how important it is in his work to know the past well in order to look to the future.

Owner: Fabio Sireci
Oenological management: Fabio Sireci
Agronomic management: Fabio Sireci
Viticulture: biologic
Vineyard hectares: 63
Bottles produced: 215,000
Direct sales: yes
Visits to the company: yes
EVOO production: no
Foundation year: 1469

Labels reviewed
Catarratto del Masso 2019
Passito Bianco S.A.
Passito Rosso S.A.
Perricone del Core 2018
Vrucara 2016

Feudo Montoni
Contrada Montoni Vecchi
92022 Cammarata (AG)
Phone +39 091 513106

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